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CBD FX Gummies Turmeric & Spirulina Antioxidant CBD Gummies 60ct- Allows the user to feel a big boost of nutrients whilst your tastebuds enjoy the tasty gummies. CBD FX have produced one of the best gummies on the market using their original candy formula,and adding Turmeric and Spirulina.,which is a tradtional spice and a superfood which you will love the from the minute you taste it
CBD FX Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina contaiing 300mg
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CBDfx Turmeric Gummies


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These CBDfx antioxidant CBD gummies contain 300mg of premium CBD, and are perfect for those who like a nutrient rich super food gummy.
    CBDfx made a decision as a team to produce a gummy with a fantastic Turmeric taste, it has a warm and bitter flavour.
      Turmeric is a spice that originates from the Turmeric plant, hundreds of years turmeric has been used by the locals as a spice and is a natural oil, It has been used in curry's, mustards, and butters for years now, and even cheese
        The Turmeric spice has been found to boost anti-inflammatory requirements that we all need
        • 300mg - 5mg per gummy
        • Contains 60 gummies per pack
        • 100% Vegan, and GMO free 
        • No fillers or artificial sweeteners 
        • Broad Spectrum CBD
        • Contains antioxidants
        • Curcumin is one the leading ingredients found in the spice turmeric
        • Store in a dark place, out of reach of small children 
        What is Spirulina? 
        • Spirulina- Is a non-threating bacterium that is found in water
        • It contains a very high level of nutrients which boasts a high level of protein, magnesium and iron, copper
        • The protein level in spirulina is similar to the protein found in eggs, while containing all the vital amino acids
        • Dosage - Taking a dose of 1-3 grams is typical as a starting point, but a dose of up to 10mg has been used without any issues by some of our customers 
        • We suggest starting low, and finding what works best for you as an individual 
        • What makes it more exciting is that we still learning about a true understanding of these benefits and how they interact with each other.
        • We say this because isolating one terpene or cannabinoid out from the rest may have an adverse effect on its effectiveness.
        • At this stage it’s the combined full spectrum that offers the most in terms of overall benefits.
        • We always encourage our customers to do some research of your own on the most common terpenes found in hemp plants used producing CBD Oils
        Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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