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Ambience CBD  Facial moisturise is the most perfect way to deliver CBD to your face. Using premium CBD in this easy to use format,this facial cream is easily absorbed,light on the skin and it helps to hydrate your skin.

Ambience Facial Moisturiser




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Our CBD enriched revitalising face moisturiser from Ambience CBD, is one of the fastest selling CBD products on the high street.

  • Used daily Ambience moisturiser is perfect as an every day use face cream, with the added bonus of premium CBD in an easy to use format.
  • It’ is absorbed easily, light on the skin and replaces lost moisture quickly.
  • Your skin quickly feels refreshed and invigorated and your well-being gets a natural boost from this wonderful natural product. Get that fresh skin feeling day and night.
  • Ambience facial cream contains 50mg of pharmaceutical grade-cannabidiol
  • Helps to replace lost moisture, and is easily absorbed into the skin
  • Please store in a dark place, keep out of reach of small children
  • This fantastic range is available in Boots and Holland & Barrett, we are able to offer some of the best CBD products at the best prices possible.
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