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Customer Testimonials


  1. We really appreciate all our customers for their kind comments and reviews of our products, here are a small selection of which you can find below:
I have been using Ambience CBD E liquid, I have been so impressed by the effect the CBD has had on my anxiety.
After using nine different CBD brands, I found BecalmCBD who offered loads of advice, and I have found the Hempura CBD oil really helps me with my sleep.
Kelly (Paignton)
My wife has been using the Ambience CBD body oil now for just over a month now,I managed to buy from Becalmcbd at better prices than Boots and Holland & Barrett. It has helped relieve pain in my lower back and my elbow. . Im have been amazed by the effect, I am not entirely sure how it has this effect on me but if anyone else is suffering from the same, then I highly recommend the Ambience massage oil. Steve (London)
I have been using the CBDfx oil now for a few weeks, I use it twice a day and the results have blown me away. I will be purchasing again next month. Thanks for all the great advice James. (Super company) Julie
The Ambience CBD E liquid has really had an effect on my sleep, love the flavours rather than the normal CBD tasting vapes. Definitely one of the strongest CBD liquids Ollie (London)


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