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Our Story

How BecalmCBD became a reality. 

BecalmCBD was born out of numerous conversations between a group of friends about the potential benefits of CBD to everyone’s health, we quickly decided that as all three of us had started to experiment with CBD to explore its possibilities, we all found something that helped us as individuals; 

  • The benefits of using CBD for recovery after exercise 
  • Using CBD to help with poor sleep 
  • Exploring CBD to help with anxiety and depression 

Once we had identified that all three of us found the benefits of trialing CBD helped us to feel that our lives had actually improved, it was almost a “Eureka” moment that CBD could most definitely help so many people to find an improved sense of wellness. Next we started to experiment with different methods of using CBD, we each choose an alternative method of application;

  • Drops
  • Capsules 
  • Edibles 

Again the results we’re impressive, each of us reported various benefits, the overall feedback was a sense of genuine excitement that this natural product could actually make a huge difference to people’s lives, we firmly believe that CBD has the ability to transform people’s lives.

The above provided a platform that gave us that magical “Lightbulb” moment,  we therefore decided that we should endeavour to make a difference.

What if we could help just one person to transform their life, could we potentially improve someone’s wellness either physically or mentally. Our overall opinion as a group found that the common denominator being that we could actually make a huge difference to how people live, and improving their wellbeing.

Having looked at the needs and issues, it became obvious that the main one is health, as well as helping people to improve their sleep, and to relax, and by understanding the needs of people from every walk of the life, we firmly believe that everybody can benefit from using CBD. 

The team here at BecalmCBD also believe that CBD has a part to play in supporting “Mental Health," with one in four of us suffering from mental health issues, CBD could have the potential to help people. 

Does CBD have the potential to help with “Depression or Anxiety”?

Only time will tell, but lots of people are using CBD and benefiting from the natural qualities CBD has to offer. 

BecalmCBD aim to provide the highest level of customer service possible, we believe that by first focusing on the experience of the customer, we can deliver a high level of education and knowledge to anyone that is interested in learning about CBD.

We are confident that we have chosen only the most trusted brands for BecalmCBD customers. 

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