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Trusted Range Of CBD E Liquids

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It's a common talk around the vaping community, and you are probably interested to know more about it, It refers to the concentrated form of the cannabinol in a liquid form that is heated and inhaled with the use of vape pen, or mouth to lung device or vaporiser.

Our CBD e liquids are available in a bottle to refill your device, or we have available disposable CBD pens for those that may wish to try CBD for the first time. 

Vaping CBD is the effective methods of taking CBD. It is also a cost effective way to purchase CBD, by choosing to vape CBD the benefits are typically felt within 2-5 minutes once vaped

Our team at BecalmCBD have put together a premium range of CBD E liquids sourced from only the best CBD liquid manufacturers.

Choose from either vape ready liquids, or an additive you can just add to your everyday liquid

Select from our amazing range of flavoured CBD which will have your taste buds tingling, or if you like the aroma of cannabis, perhaps a terpene flavoured liquid will be more suitable

Great way to relieve that feeling we experience when we are stressed, or feeling anxious

We stock a range of E Liquids that contain CBD, as well as those that are THC free for anyone that may have concerns about CBD

Full spectrum, Broad spectrum, or CBD isolate

 The difference between Full Spectrum CBD E   liquids and Isolate:  

  • A Full Spectrum E-Liquid offers a better absorption rate, and will deliver a greater impact than a CBD isolate

  • Broad Spectrum E-liquid is harvested and extracted using industry-best practice of methodology.

  • Utilising a natural synergy of the hemp plant, Broad Spectrum is rich in cannabinoids, some broad spectrum E Liquids can contain up to 40 cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, waxes and oils

  • Wide range of flavours to suit each individual requirements
  • Full range of brands to suit all budgets
  • Please store in a dark place, making sure to avoid storing in direct sunlight
  • None of these products contain nicotine 
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