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Ambience CBD are very different to almost every other CBD brand in the UK, they have a hugely successful brand, as well as their own manufacturing team.

Ambience has a massive advantage on other CBD E liquid brands as they are one of the leading players in the UK when it comes to vaping. 

By adding their premium grade CBD isolate to their amazing flavours they have produced one of the best CBD E liquid ranges on the market. 

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective methods of taking advantage of cannabinols, as the CBD is absorbed into the blood stream very quickly, allowing the user to feel the effects almost instantly.

The Ambience CBD range currently consists of five fantastic flavours in a range of strengths.

The Ambience range is stocked in Holland & Barrett making it the most widely available range of CBD in the UK, again this was another reason we decided to partner with such a trusted brand who are at the forefront of the UK market currently.



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