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Which method is the best way to take CBD?

Which method is the best way to take CBD?

Which method is best To take my CBD ?

1). Sublingual 

The most common method to take CBD, is sublingually. This method is facilitated by drops which are placed under the tongue and held there for a minimum of two minutes, before swallowing to maximise absorption.

The metrology for our preferred method, CBD enters the bloodstream through the oral muscosa membrane and is absorbed directly into systemic circulation. An important word in the world of CBD is (bioavailability) it is estimated that in to 35% for this method.

If a user follows our advice, and hold the oil drops under their tongue for a minimum two minutes before swallowing, research studies suggest that the bioavailability has a much higher success rate of around 30-35% compared to those that chose to swallow immediately, (swallowing), this will lower the bioavailability to around 5-7%.

2). Ingesting CBD

This method is becoming more and more popular by the day, as users explore different methods to absorb CBD. In the Us it is estimated that around 50% of the market now use edibles, this trend will most likely follow in the Uk in time. Some studies suggest that by investing CBD there are some benefits, as the CBD will stay in your system for a few hours longer than than our preferred method (sublingual absorption.)

Finding which method is best for each individual is trial and error, each individual will find a method that works for them, more and more people are researching and joking CBD forums or communities, which is allowing people to become creative with their CBD. There is nothing to stop a user using both the sublingual method, and ingesting CBD via capsules or perhaps CBD gummies. Those that include it in with their meals are finding that it offerers a great way to boost their intake for the day audition to the sublingual method. Advice via pharmacological advisors, suggests that ingesting CBD is best when taken with food or shortly after.

3). Topical CBD

Another method is application is topical, more and more brands are developing CBD skincare ranges, one of the most important factors to remember is that these products are designed to fit into your daily regime, making adding CBD quick and simple.

We highly recommend the most widely available CBD skincare range Ambience CBD, Ambience CBD have crafted six fantastic CBD infused products. Which CBD skincare product is best for me? Search our store for Ambience CBD. The topical method does not not allow CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, this method is highly effective for those that need to target specific, areas that may for instance be causing an inflammation as an example.

CBD Dosage Again each individual may have be using a different dosage, as we are all different, the dosage is not a one size fits all. A good starting point we suggest is 12-15mg per day, the user can then experiment to find what works best for them.

One important piece of advice would be that products that contain a higher concentration of CBD, will means fewer drops, those with a lower CBD content, will find they are having to use more drops to achieve the desired result.

This means that building up to the recommended serving size gradually over a period time is more likely to find the optimum dosage for the individual. The dosage is trial and error as we have already started, this can be increased or decreased at the individuals discretion, remembering it is important not to exceed 200mg of CBD per day.  

Dosage Frequency

The most popular method to find the optimum is to start small and then add a small amount more each day, till you find that CBD is having the desired effect.

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