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What are Cannabinoid “Receptors CB1 & CB2”❓

What are Cannabinoid “Receptors CB1 & CB2”❓

CB1 and CB2 are G protein-coupled receptors.

🟢 The CB1 receptor is primarily located in our central nervous system, while the latter is found in the bodies immune system.

🟢 They respond to endocannabinoids present internally in the body, as well as externally such as CBD, activating changes in the body that promote a balanced physiological function.

🟢 Research to date, suggests we know these receptors have an active role in many different physiological processes, including cognitive function, mood, pain and hormone regulation.

How does CBD activate our CB1 & CB2 receptors❓

🟢 CBD is thought to react with CB1 and CB2 receptors, not by binding directly to them, but by stimulating them, mimicking their effects in the body and promoting the positive results that they work on.

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