We explain just why CBD skincare products are growing in popularity? – BecalmCBD
We explain just why CBD skincare products are growing in popularity?

We explain just why CBD skincare products are growing in popularity?

Firstly CBD topical creams help to reduce Bacteria. -

Recent research suggests CBD creams could potentially reduce bacteria on the skin by up to 99%. - The bacteria in question was known to have been a leading cause of infection and resistant to antibodies.

CBD Balm- Reduces Psoriasis, Dermatitis, & Scars

A recent study by the University of Modena, Italy showed how a trial of 20 patients using CBD twice daily over a 3 month period showed that using CBD delivered a significant improvement in skin conditions without any allergic reactions.

Can CBD Reduce Acne

The University of Debrecen has conducted a recent study in Hungary, which showed that CBD reduced anti-acne effects by suppressing sebocyte proliferation (which reduced the excretion of sebum) and reduced inflammation.

CBD Balm & Dry Skin

The popularity of CBD skincare products over the last 12-18 months stems from the success of CBD and other cannabinoids which are present in full-spectrum CBD which has also showed great promise in relieving dry skin.

Can CBD reduce Anxiety

CBD is now well known to reduce anxiety and stress.

Can CBD reduce Pain & Inflammation

Over the last 5 years CBD has been shown in multiple studies to reduce pain and inflammation, and when applied topically to the area causing pain it can work quicker than other methods, due to the capabilities of CBD. -

Here at BecalmCBD we have a large selection of CBD skincare products, choose from; *

CBD Facial Moisturiser

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* CBD Massage Oil 

*  And Many More

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