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Let’s Learn About CBD

The Most Common Questions We Get Asked About CBD?

Here at BecalmCBD we get asked lots of questions, so we thought it might be helpful to highlight our most frequently asked CBD questions.

Over the last twelve months CBD has grown in popularity, you can now buy CBD on almost every high street. A recent study found that there are 1.5 million active users in the UK, with a further 6 million saying they’d tried it at least once in the past year.

Since it’s such a rapidly expanding market, inevitably there are lots of questions surrounding the sector. We thought it would be sensible to compile some of our most frequently asked questions into one place, If you’ve got any of your own queries, why email us via our contact page.

There are three questions we get asked most. 

1 Is CBD legal in the UK?

2 Yes, so long as the THC content in each product is less than 0.2%

3 Will CBD get me high?

4 CBD won’t get you high, and it has no psychotropic qualities.

5 Is CBD safe?

6 According to all current studies, including this one by the World Health Organization, yes. It currently exhibits no known issues. Due to the UK regulation surrounding selling CBD we are not permitted to comment on anything relating to CBD as a medication, but we able to discuss everything else relating to CBD and its uses.

We are going to breakdown In this blog the common questions we get asked:

1 Should I take CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD?

2 Can I use CBD with my medication?

3 Can I take CBD abroad?

1. Should I take CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD?

If you have been researching into buying CBD for the first time, then you may have noticed that there are lots of different terms to get used to which describe each product that are available.

Our aim is to turn you from a CBD novice to a CBD expert by the end of this educational piece. You may have seen ‘isolate’ and ‘full spectrum’ are most commonly used in sellers categories, just to confuse issues, there are a few others we’ll need to look at to ensure you’ve got a good understanding of the full range of options.

Let’s have a look at them, and explore the benefits each one offers.

Full Spectrum CBD

Our Full spectrum products contain the full range of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, but without the waxes, oils and other additional substances.

Broad Spectrum

CBD Products that are broad spectrum retain the additional cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in full spectrum, whilst removing all traces of THC, making it the safest choice for CBD users. We sell a carefully selected range of Broad Spectrum products suitable for those that require CBD without any THC.

CBD Isolate

A CBD isolate, as the name suggests, is 99.9% pure CBD. During the extraction process everything else in the plant matter is removed, including additional cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes and oils. This works best in topical creams and balms, E Liquids, where the CBD is supported by other organic oils.

Which is the best?

It is our belief that each option has its own benefits, so each user has a decision to make. If you have used CBD before then it is most likely that the whole plant or full spectrum options are going to be your choice. However, if you need to remove all traces of THC, then you’re better off with a broad spectrum or CBD isolate.

We always advise doing your own research before purchasing, or you can reach out to us via our contact page.

2. Can I use CBD with my medication?

CBD is safe, as outlined here by the World Health Organization. It has very low toxicology reports, and there is no evidence of it having any abuse potential. It is worth mentioning when we introduce multiple chemicals to the body it’s worth considering how they might work with or against each other.

Even though CBD can’t be discussed in relation to medicinal properties due to its current legal status, it still interacts with the human body in ways which need to be considered.

Our go to answer-is? Refer to your doctor. Even if they don’t prescribe you CBD, they’ll still be able to help you understand whether it’s safe to take with your current medications.

We strongly recommend speaking to a healthcare professional first, before taking CBD for the first time.

3. Can I take CBD abroad?

YES you take CBD abroad? Most CBD users take their oil, vape, topical creams on a daily basis, so the prospect of not having it whilst you are away is a concern and understandably frustrating. Since the law surrounding CBD differs so much between countries, our key piece of advice would be to check what customs has to say about your travel destination here.

Liquid Laws As with all liquids, CBD (whether they’re e-liquids, oils or creams) will be subject to the 100ml liquid rule when flying. What this means is that any liquid must be under 100ml in size. There is some confusion around this since medicines aren’t usually limited by this when accompanied by a prescription, but if you’re buying your CBD online or over-the-counter, then you will still have to abide by the 100ml rule, as it is still classed as a liquid in most coasts.

The law On THC One of the biggest issues you’ll potentially face when flying with CBD oils is the presence of THC. In the UK CBD oils are legal so long as the THC levels in the hemp extract are at 0.2%, whilst in the U.S, they can reach 0.3%. Since THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis, that’s what most countries will be looking to prohibit.

Our advice is it is wise to always carry clear documentation detailing what’s in your CBD products. If you have any further questions, why not give us a message via our contact page. We’re here to guide you on your CBD journey.


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