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New to CBD?

New to CBD? Beginners Guide to CBD

Here at BecalmCBD we fully understand that everyone has different levels of knowledge of CBD.

We can guide a new user through the process, from the beginning learning about "What is CBD" right through to making your first purchase.

Blog 1: What is CBD?

Blog 2: How do I take CBD?

Blog 3: What's my dosage?

Blog 4: Which CBD product should I choose?

Are you thinking about starting your CBD journey?

Then just continue reading this blog to improve your knowledge of CBD and it 's well-being benefits. Feel like you have enough information about what CBD is, but still unsure which way to take it? 

For those that are new to the world of CBD and want to know more, then at times it can appear to be a little overwhelming, but rest assured we are here to help.

It might be that you have made the decision to try CBD for the first time – or maybe you have tried it once and want to know what other options are available. One of the best things about CBD is that it can be taken in various different ways, but this can also be confusing especially at first.

Choosing the right CBD product for you depends predominantly on three factors – what effect you are looking for from your CBD, how quickly you want it to come into effect and your personal preferences.

Some people who take very small or large doses might also want to consider these, but most products will cater for the range of dosages that most people want.

Did you know around 10,000 people a month are joining the CBD revolution?

There are many reasons why people look to try CBD?

It might be that they want to give their general health a lift, or they might have a more specific health issue that they feel could be improved with CBD.

CBD is a cannabinoid that it is a natural compound of the cannabis plant. It is safe to take, no-one has ever died from an overdose and although it is in the cannabis plant, it won’t make you high (it is the compound, THC which does that). * CBD is not addictive *

You can find out more about CBD and how it works, below.

There are now many ways that CBD can be taken, but at the moment CBD products can generally be split into four groups: CBD oils and tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, Vaping CBD.

These essentially involve inhaling a vapour which is rich in CBD, allowing it to enter the bloodstream through the lungs.

Vaping CBD is usually done through an E pen and it involves heating up a mixture of CBD with a thinning agent. When the e-liquid is heated it turns into a vapour which you then inhale. As there is no combustion, this is much better for your health than traditional smoking and fewer compounds are burnt off as it is heated to a much lower temperature. When you choose to Vape CBD, it typically takes effect very quickly, tipically within 2-5 minutes making it the most effective method of delivery. This is because it goes directly into the bloodstream through the respiratory system. Because of this, it doesn’t stay in the bloodstream for very long either.

This means that CBD products which are inhaled can be good for people who are looking for quick fix 

For Example;

[1] If you are trying to relieve pain or are having trouble sleeping

[2] Those that suffer with anxiety

[3] CBD Oils and Tinctures are generally made up of the hemp plant extract, mixed with an oil which will help it to get absorbed better into the body.

Due to the fact that CBD isn’t water soluble – and our body is made up predominantly from water, these oils can help to make the CBD have an increased bioavailability –meaning more CBD can be absorbed.

(CBDfx Oils) CBD oil is usually taken in drops or a spray under the tongue. It should be then held there for 1-2 minutes to allow the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.This is the second quickest way of getting CBD into your system, with it coming into effect within half an hour. Again, this will not stay in your system for very long.

CBD in its natural state has a ‘earthy’ flavour which some people find unpleasant, and because of this, we are now seeing an increased number of flavours being added to it to make taking CBD a more pleasant experience.

CBDfx capsules) are a great alternative for those who aren’t keen on using oil drops. It is also relatively easy to take and can give you accurate ways to dose your CBD compared to oil drops.

CBD goes into the digestive system and is absorbed this way into the bloodstream. CBD edible products are a fun and interesting way to take CBD.

We are seeing a craze at the moment for making all types of food and drink ‘CBD rich’ including CBD water, chocolate or CBD sauces. (CBDfx Gummies) Due to the fact that the CBD has to go through the digestive system, it takes a little longer for it to come into effect when it is taken orally – usually up to a couple of hours.

It does, however, mean that it will also stay in your system for longer – often up to about 8 hours. This means that it can be a great way to get your CBD for your general well-being as well as those who are taking it to help with anxiety

(Another method of taking CBD that is rising in popularity is through topical creams, gels, patches or balms which are applied to the skin. In this case, the CBD doesn’t actually go directly into the bloodstream, it is absorbed through the skin.

There are now hundreds of CBD beauty products available, including massage oils, moisturisers and bath bombs which can be beneficial both above the skin and under it. In this case, the CBD takes longer to become effective – taking up to about 45 minutes. However, CBD taken in this way can be reapplied as much as you like as it doesn’t go into the bloodstream.

CBD topicals are often preferred by people who use CBD to help their skin or to help relieve arthritic pain (Ambience CBD) If you are taking CBD for the first time, it is important that you speak to your doctor first – especially if you are taking medication as CBD can change the way that some medications are metabolised by the human body.

Choosing the right CBD products for you can be a long process, we have a great educational video on our home page if you would like to learn more about

'How CBD actually works'.

However, the fact that there are so many ways to take it means that you have plenty of options and you should be able to find a way that suits you the best, giving the best effects for you as an individual.

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