My CBD Journey – BecalmCBD
My CBD Journey

My CBD Experience by Julie C

My first port of call was to first find a reputable supplier, one that I could do a little research on first before I made my initial purchase. 

I have been using BecalmCBD as I kept seeing them on my social media timelines, their reviews were always positive for both the CBD products they sold, and equally important their CBD product knowledge.

I selected an oil from CBDfx which is a full spectrum CBD, my choice was made from my own research and James’s advice and I really wanted to find an oil that offers a high absorption rate, which should then allow the oil to provide the maximum benefits that CBD provides. 

Since the start of this year more and more people are turning to CBD for various benefits for long standing illnesses like myself, others who are seeking to add a balance to their bodies and minds without any side effects.

CBD is non toxic, non addictive and non psychoactive. CBD can help with many modern day complaints like anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia plus a whole lot more:  

Benefits of CBD Oil

* Natural Pain Relief

* Anti – inflammatory

* Boosts Immune System

* Anxiety/Depression Relief

* Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Strokes

* Improved sleep

* Stress Relief

*Relieves Skin problems like acne, redness, psoriasis

The Difference between Cannabis & CBD oil is that Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, whereas CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabis and Hemp are from the same species of plant, but they are each genetically distinct and unique in their chemical makeup. Both hemp and Cannabis contain CBD, the non-psychoactive substance. However the main difference between the two, is Cannabis contains THC, which is the substance that gives users a high-feeling.

Users of CBD don’t experience this feeling, so it’s perfectly safe to use it during the day, or at work without any negative side effects.

How to take CBD oil?

CBD oil is best absorbed sublingually, so it is advised to take the dropper orally under the tongue. The optima way to take CBD oil is to place the drops underneath your tongue,  then leave for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing.

CBD oil has quite a distinctive earthy taste which some people may find off putting, so if that does not sound right for you, there are plenty of flavoured CBD oils available from BecalmCBD.

I have even tried adding my CBDfx MCT oil to my morning coffee, this I found left me feeling sharper mentally, and my energy levels appeared to be higher.

For those interested in tying CBD in their tea or coffee, simply add a few drops into your coffee or tea and stir, I did find that allowing a two or three minutes before drinking my hot drink allowed the CBD to have an increased effect, rather than just drinking it immediately.


The guys at BecalmCBD took their time to explain how with CBD there is no one size fits all, everyone is different and we all react differently to CBD. James suggested it best to always start with a small dose and then build up slowly over a couple of weeks. I started with the 5% oil, and took 3 drops in the morning, and 3 drops under my tongue in the evening, which by luck seemed to be the right dose for me.

The Benefits I found using CBDFx MCT Oil!! 

One of the things I noticed first was my sleep seemed to improve, before when I used to fall asleep, my sleep always has been broken with lots of waking up through the night. I am now finding that I am able to sleep for almost 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep. I also noticed that my sleep appeared to be a lot deeper, this has left me feeling happier and and more relaxed.

The next thing I noticed was that my stress levels have reduced dramatically, this occurred fairly quickly, and at the same time my anxiety that I have experienced for the last twenty years has become a lot more manageable. I have lived with anxiety for the best part of twenty years, using prescribed medication which has at times helped me, but I have always been uncomfortable being so reliant on it.

The difference CBD oil has made to my everyday life has been almost life changing, I feel much more relaxed, my mood has improved and people have commented to say I seem much happier, my anxiety has pretty much disappeared.

BecalmCBD have a product to suit everyone:

The CBD skincare range I tried has been beneficial too, I decided to purchase the Ambience muscle balm as I had read the BecalmCBD reviews on Trustpilot. I decided to do a little research into CBD suppliers online and those that have shops, it was interesting to see that a lot of companies don’t have any reviews at all. My personal advice would be always look for a company that has reviews available, this offers some reassurance that they sell good quality products, and it allows you the opportunity to validate their customer service skills.

The Ambience muscle balm is perfect for those that suffer with sore joints like myself, I applied the balm to the areas that cause me an issue, and to my amazement with three or four days the pain disappeared completely. The Ambience CBD skin care range consists of six products and I am excited to try some more in the near future. CBD has so many benefits for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, allergies, I did my own research as since I started using CBD it has really opened my eyes to how CBD has so much potential to help people. I would highly recommend BecalmCBD to anyone who is thinking of trying CBD.

James has been so helpful throughout the first month since I started using CBD, always happy to answer my questions, and checking on my progress. 

Good luck to everyone who starts using CBD, you will not regret it. 




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