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MHRA Guidelines

MHRA Guidelines

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are responsible for regulating all medicines and medical devices in the UK by ensuring they work and are acceptably safe.
Due to CBD not being officially regulated to protect the consumer the MHRA have set a series of guidelines at this point.

These guidelines are an official list of how CBD companies in the United Kingdom must adhere to at the time of writing this blog. 

Making any reference to any medical condition or implying that your product could have medicinal benefits would be considered a medical claim. 

When making a determinations into borderline products the MHRA considers the following examples to be medical claims, see below: 

  • References to all medical conditions major to minor including colds, headaches, cuts and bruises, spots, smoking addiction, obesity, arthritis, depression, stress and all childhood disorders and serious diseases.
  • References to condition of the mind such as depression, addictions, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
  • References to treatment or alleviation of adverse conditions including decongests, relieves pain.
  • Reduces inflammation, calms, stops itching, cures insomnia, reduces blood pressure, reduces sugar levels
  • References to the symptoms of disease such as pain, inflammation etc.

What is not permitted ?

  • You are NOT permitted to make any explicit medical claims about your product.
  • You are NOT permitted to offer any advice, nor offer any product to treat any specific condition.
  • You are NOT to have links to organisations that promote “cancer cures” or other medicinally biased sites.
  • You are NOT to publish articles that may imply your products can or have traditionally been used to treat any illness.
  • You MUST NOT suggest they talk to any medical professional whatsoever.
  • You MUST NOT use any imagery or product names that may imply your products are medicines.
  • You MUST NOT make comparison with licensed medicines.
  • You MUST NOT use product names which imply the product is a medicine.
  • You MUST NOT make references to medical and or clinical research and testing.
  • You MUST NOT make references to the health risks of not taking CBD.
  • You MUST NOT publish editorial medicinal claims.
  • You MUST NOT publish recommendations by Doctors/health professionals.
  • You MUST NOT publish testimonials that include/imply medicinal claims.
  • You MUST NOT use graphics that imply medicinal.
  • You MUST NOT reference to or reproduce “generic” information.




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