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How to increase the bioavailability of CBD?

How to increase the bioavailability of CBD?

In layman terms, this is the rate at which any substance becomes absorbed into the bloodstream. As far as CBD is concerned, the higher the bioavailability, the more effective the cannabinoid, because more of it impacts your system when it actually reaches the bloodstream.

The problem with many forms of CBD consumption is that our digestive system absorbs it before it makes it to the bloodstream.

This is why Vaping is still considered the most effective method to assimilate CBD.

So does eating have a positive effect on CBD bioavailability ❓

Eating food can impact the bioavailability, when you use CBD orally, the active ingredients are absorbed via digestion rather than in the mucous membranes in the mouth (which is how CBD gets absorbed when used sublingually).

The primary reason why oral CBD has such a low bioavailability rate is ‘first pass metabolism. This is caused by the actions of our digestive system’s enzymes before the cannabidiol gets to our circulatory system.

Those that choose to use CBD edibles/tinctures should know how the CBD moves through the body to the stomach, and the CBD then travels through your the body.

The next crucial step is that the small intestine absorbs the CBD, and it then continues to the liver. There are enzymes in the liver called Cytochrome P450, which metabolise the CBD before it gets sent throughout the circulatory system. It is at this point that ‘first pass metabolism’ breaks down the CBD even more, and it creates over 100 metabolites. The vast majority of these metabolites are not useful and are excreted. Unfortunately, this means the bioavailability of CBD plummets.

A publisher 2013 study by Stott published in the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, was used to asses the effect of food and the bioavailability of a single dose of THC/CBD spray.

The scientists started to look at what happened when a cannabinoid product was absorbed sublingually and then in the digestive tract after being consumed. They discovered that bioavailability was four times higher when taken after a meal, compared to being swallowed on a relatively empty stomach. It is important to note the study also showed that using the cannabinoid product with food delayed peak concentration of the cannabinoid in the blood by a couple of hours.

The best types of food to eat with CBD oil are thought to be foods containing fatty acids and medium or long-chain triglycerides are your best bet.

This is why lots of CBD manufacturers use MCT oil (medium- chain triglycerides in their tinctures). The fatty acids act to offer a potent binding agent, and they are metabolised into pure energy by the liver. This results, In allowing your CBD not go through the first pass metabolism process. Your body burns these fats and uses them, and the cannabidiol, immediately.

Therefore we suggest that should you decide to use CBD oil with food, consider that these foods such as soybeans, oily fish, meat, eggs, and avocadob offer great bioavailability.

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  • Thank you for sharing this – this is still an area I’m learning about!

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