Guest Blog " Just how good is CBD by Alyssa?" – BecalmCBD
Guest Blog " Just how good is CBD by Alyssa?"

How good is CBD really?

I love natural healing methods and alternatives. I believe it is something we should try first or along side medicine. Because of this CBD oil greatly interests me and I have heard nothing but fantastic things about it. But how good really is CBD oil and what can it do for you?

A factor that I have always been cautious of, and I am positive many others are, regarding CBD oil is the high or intoxicated affected, even a small feeling of this as my body is incredibly sensitive concerns me as I do not get suit with that feeling. However CBD oil without THC will not make you high or intoxicated. Therefore when looking for oils, creams, hemp water or other CBD products just ensure there is no THC.

What can CBD help treat? CBD is a product from the cannabis plant which is said to help many diseases, illnesses and disorders along with help people in their day to day life.

Examples of what CBD oil can be used for are:

Chronic pain relief

Anxiety relief

Stress management

Cancer treatment

Arthritis Sleep

Treat high blood pressure

Enhance spiritual connections Improve heart health Assist muscles relaxing

Acne treatment Treat inflammation CBD has become increasingly popular even being labelled as a cure for all modern conditions.

The list above are just some of the conditions CBD oil can help treat, so you can understand why this natural chemical is so popular!

Does CBD oil have any negative side effects?

CBD is non-psychoactive, and has actually been shown to be anti-psychotic. It is generally regarded safe with little side effects and none of them being serious. Studies have shown that some side effects for people can be tiredness, dry mouth and changes in appetite making the side effects quite minor.

Please remember that you should always follow the recommended dose and if you are on prescription medicine to seek your doctors advise before starting CBD oil. Although the side effects are minor and there have been no deaths or serious side effects recorded I am not a qualified doctor.

Reviews I follow countless well known accounts on Instagram from body builders, models, mums etc who always rave about CBD, but I wanted to hear from you! Which is why I reached out on Twitter to hear your personally experiences regarding CBD and this is what you had to say I have multiple sclerosis and suffer from body stiffness, especially in my hands. I am a freelance writer and blogger, so being able to type is critical to my ability to generate income. I have found using CBD cream on my hands instantly relaxes my joints so I can type on a keyboard, and the effects last for several hours.

 Hepatica for Luxe Odette I have been using CBD oil for the most part, regularly, since May. I tried CBD last fall but I did not like the company’s products who I initially tried CBD from as their products had not been 100% CBD oil. Before trying it, I was very nervous as I did not want to experience any effects from THC and so on. At the time I did not have a full understanding of it all and I am even now still learning about it. A family member of mine is a certified aromatherapist and certified to work with CBD as well and now sells it. Through my family member, they have helped to educate me better on it and have been helping to provide me with CBD to try out as a natural pain reliever. I have some rare foot conditions that as they continue to progress cause me pain almost everyday in my feet. So, wanting to find a natural pain reliever, I have been trying CBD. I do feel that the CBD has helped me. Even though it has helped me there are days that it doesn’t but it is my understanding that is normal. Especially since it is a natural treatment and not a “chemical” pain relieving treatment. With natural treatments sometimes you will have days where it can be a “hit” a success, or a “miss” meaning not working as well that day. CBD has helped to control the pain in my feet and the inflammation. I would recommend this yes! Especially if you want a more natural treatment to use instead of chemically made medications. I have not noticed any side effects. I was initially hesitant to try CBD because of a fear of having THC affect me. However, the levels of THC in CBD oil are so low that they don’t affect you. There are some CBD oils where the THC has actually been removed. But it has been found that if you do get one with THC in it that they actually work synergistically in your body, since our bodies naturally produce some amount of THC. With this being said, you do not have to have THC in CBD oil to have the CBD help you. I think starting to move more towards natural solutions is great, and if we all started to do that more maybe we could see other great improvements! I will also add that I take medication for epilepsy and due to this I take my medication and then wait two hours to take my CBD. I do this as a precautionary measure to make sure that the CBD doesn’t affect it. I would strongly advise anyone interested in trying CBD to educate yourself and gain an understanding of it before just going out and buying it. Knowing what you’re using and how you should use it is very important so you can make sure you are using it safely. So, yes, I’d recommend it!  

Yes, I think it could help others! I have not personally noticed any side effects. I hope that at least one of you reading this finds this helpful in some way! Megan- The Inspiring Hummingbird

Have you tried or use CBD products? Leave a comment let me know what your experiences are! I would personally recommend trying it.

Sending love and light, Alyssa xx   If you enjoyed my blog you can find more here ⬇️


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